Dear Ms. Emily Brontë:

                                   I dare to take the chance to write to you in an exceptional ocassion as I have heard rumours that you are back to writing.
                                  After the so called “daunting response” to the publication of Wuthering Heights -which i believe is a tremendous mistake that people will eventually revert to their own good- it is a great news to come upon this slightly chance that you might be  preparing a new book.
Maybe not so many people can understand how deeply you enjoy writing nor the situation of not being able to show your work to the world in the way you would like, just because you are a woman.
                                   You might wonder who i am and how I could get this far as to write to you this friendly and well intentioned letter when we are complete strangers to each other.
I must admit i am doing this because I have come across the same feelings I imagine you have, as regards my own writings.
                                   It is never easy to unveil our feelings and emotions to others who will be so eager to judge. Sometimes so eager to accuse rather than enjoy. 
                                   I believe it is a matter of time. And time will come, so every single woman in this world can surpass in success all the barriers that this society builds, unequally.
                                  My one and only wish, by sending you this letter, it is only to encourage you to never give up on any of the stories that might be weaving in your mind.
Believe in yourself. I mean it. I feel the whole world will understand the majesty of your work once it understands its own essence.

                                  Yours sincerely,