Weather forecast hit the spot last afternoon, when warning about the snow storm that would raze the whole town.

Everybody from the city centre was obligued to go home and stay indoors until the climate alert was under control.

It was sort of a good news to go home early that day and enjoy some cricket on tv –hoping the storm would not affect electricity-. But as it definitily did affect town’s power towers and the whole place shutt off in a pretty scary blackout, i decided to go to bed.

I slept like a baby so i only knew about the damages of the storm, once i woke up and took a look through my window. It was all covered in white.

We were permitted to leave homes only two days later, so first day i went out of house, i could realize the whole city was desolated while I walked the street on my way to work.

It was really hard work to try not to get stuck on the snow that had made its own road to everywhere.

Strange thing was to find out that no one was in the building.

So nobody else but me was at the office, but my computer was on.

-What the hell…-. I mumbled in surprise. But before i could even make a move, the computer shutt down. And turned on again in the following minute.

Suddenly there was a sign from which i could read “Please select your choice – Activate/Deactivate”.

I laughed in suspicious nerve. –What the hell…?-. I mumbled again. I pressed “deactivate”, but the response of the computer was dreadful.

“You cannot deactivate now. Activation is being processed”. And suddenly another dreadful sign: “Detonation will succeed in 15 minutes”.

I got angry with the computer so i tried to shutt it down. But it would not. I got a bit desperate so i called my boss, but his phone seemed to be off. I called the computer enegineering, but he didnt answer.

Computer sign kept on counting, just like a disturbing sentence so i tried again to deactivate.

“You cannot deactivate now. Activation is being processed”. And then again, “Detonation will succed in 12 minutes”.

-¡¿Detonation of what?!-. I shouted. I was so pissed off that i started pressing “Esc” like some basic resource, and the machine sent another sign.

“You cannot quit now. Bomb is about to be detonated”.

I think i went pale cause i couldnt feel my pulse.

I run out of the office in a second and tried to call the police. But my phone was dead.

Suddenly i realised that if bomb was detonated through a computer, power outage might make it go off so i went back and seeked for the power center of the building and shutt it down.

I run down the stairs in desperation to get out of the building.

There was a police officer at the entrance. He approached me so i felt relieved that he might be aware of everything.

-Sir.  Let me help you-. He said.

-This is insane…-. I sighed.

-Calm down. Come with me-.

He had a strange kind of look in his eyes. Like i wouldnt be able to say no to him. Then another police officer joined us and silently  stepped behind me.

-Who are you? How did you know? Why did you show up?-. I dared to ask to the first man. He  just pulled out his gun and pointed at my stomach while the other one hit me. That’s all i can remember.