Daily Prompt: Fantasy


There are many traditions we keep on promoting with celebrations year after year while we give real meaning only to a few of them.

To discuss wether they are good of bad it is only a matter of conceptions and beliefs. Maybe we need to see in which way they affect our lives or influence us as human beings.

In the middle of that awful toothache during childhood, there was this little light brought up by the Tooth Fairy, who in a way helped every kid (and still does) not to think of how much it hurts to change your teeth, or even better, to believe the courage was worth the reward.

The ilusion created all around Santa Claus is something that many grown ups would love to live again. I can assure you!

I do not know of any adult who might regret having believed in the man of the white beard.

When it comes to terms for you to know the truth, you are already prepared to face the shock. So prepared that you would never feel disappointed.

It is said that most kids realize that parent’s are Santa Claus, but they keep silent and just deny the fact  to themselves and to their environment. Children are smart.

And this fantasies that feed a kid’s imagination are pure and unique to their minds, able to create the most fascinating stories and questions that parents would need to sort out once in a while.

That’s part of the meaning of magic. And who doesn’t like magic?