Junin, the day after

Daily Prompt: Erasure

The air feels different this morning.
Cops are reunited in the main square and few more groups of police forces are surrounding the  buildings that were destroyed after the events of last Saturday and Sunday in Junin, a small town in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina.
The worst and most distressing days i have ever been through in my thirty three years living in this place.
But today, it looks like citizens want to go back to normal. In fact, everybody went to work and shops opened as usual.
The killing of a seventeen years old girl in a robbery last Saturday night awaken the rage of neighbours who protested at the Police Station, a block away from where the killing took place. But among the protesters there were also a few vandals, infiltrates who started to destroy everything at his range, specially the Police Station, the Town Hall, the municipality library, squares, the Court House, a bank and some shops.
It was grievous and you could only watch in impotence, helplessly while they threw all kind of stones, bottles with kerosene turned into home-made “molotov bombs” against the institutional buildings.
Experts believe there was a political intention on this protest to desestabilize the Mayor.
Others say it was only the reaction of a city in flames, of citizens who got fed up with insecurity, specially robberies and deaths.
Being Junin such a peaceful city and its citizens -to be honest- a bit  reluctant to protests and even more to violence, it is almost impossible to believe that neighbours could carry on something like that.
Most of the people living here, those from the media and of course politicians strongly believe there was an intention -a pretty clear one- to install chaos so people would bring down institutions and the Mayor with it.
To that idea, it is important to remark that Mario Meoni, the Mayor, is not part of the stablished government that runs the country so thats the reason why national authorities did not send  security to control vandals in the city.
Vulnerability is the first impression you get when you look at pictures in Junin.
More than ninety thousands of citizens who felt unprotected. A seventeen year old life taken away.
The worst event i have ever witnessed in my hometown. The one i would surely erase from the history of Junin. From the story of my own life.